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What Business Travelers Expect From Asheville NC Hotels

If you’re traveling to Asheville, NC, for business and staying one of the many fine Asheville, NC, hotels, you’ll want to make sure you’re finding lodging in Asheville, NC, that fits all of your needs.


Based on the reviews of the millions of business travelers out there, here are some of the key things that hotels are expected to have these days.


Fast, Free, Reliable WiFi

Sometimes work never really stops on business trips and even after a long day of meetings business travelers often find themselves needing solid internet access in their hotel rooms. Even if all the work is done and they just want to Skype or Facetime with their family, a strong WiFi signal is still needed for that.


Well-Placed Electrical Outlets

What good is the strong WiFi signal for your phone or laptop going to do if you can’t plug your devices in and use them while they’re charging? It can be very frustrating for business travelers to hunt around their hotel room to find an electrical outlet that is strategically enough placed for them to get their work done.


Work Desk

At least one of those strategically placed outlets should be near a work desk within the hotel room. Sitting in bed and getting work done can be tough, especially in a comfy hotel bed that will easily put you to sleep. A desk not only gives business travelers a place to work, it also gives them a spot to put some items such as their laptop or briefcase.


Bottled Water/Mini Fridge

Hydration is important for any traveler, and since business travelers are frequently on the move, bottled water is the most convenient option. A mini fridge to store some waters and keep them cold, as well as to keep those leftovers from a lunch meeting is greatly appreciated by most business travelers.


Iron and Ironing Board

And of course, so that you aren’t showing up to business meetings looking like you just pulled your shirt and coat out of your suitcase. It’s nice to always have your work clothes looking fresh by being able to iron them in your room while on your business trip.

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